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    Sunday: 8:00PM EST (Official)
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    Note: Mondays & Tuesdays are scheduled server devolopment.

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    • I appreciate the suggestion, but I'd personally rather not use exploits. I'm not judging, but that would be against the rules, and I'd hate to see anyone get in trouble for something like that.
    • Just to put it out there because I agree it is terribly slow; you can technically glitch it to clean faster. Essentially, you walk back and fourth outside the "zone" and keep spamming your 'Enter' key. Do this several times and it'll continue to queue up the washing process and continue washing relatively quickly. 
    • I'll take this suggestion under consideration.
    • I appreciate the attention to detail in making the game fun and realistic, but the speed at which dirty money is cleaned is really slow. The real problem isn't realism, it's fun. There is nothing fun about standing around in a room waiting for money to be cleaned, and as a result, it's just stand and wait for a long time, then have money to spend. The process should severely be reduced, maybe a bar fills up for 60 seconds, then all your money is cleaned. That way it's slow enough that you might get caught, but at the same time you won't likely spend all day and night in one spot just waiting. Please consider speeding this process up to allow people to get back to having fun.
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