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  1. Yesterday
  2. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Law Enforcement: Fixed the handling for the 2011 Crown Victoria, the vehicle will no longer do Mach 5. Special thanks to B. Whalen for taking the time to fix the best patrol car that ever existed! Player Inventory: Added an icon for the Flaregun. Shops: Added a Personal Protective Equipment icon to the shop catalog. Weapon Shop: Opened a new weapon shop on Great Ocean Highway. Special thanks to Ra'Quan for the suggestion!
  3. Last week
  4. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Billing: Fixed an issue with a player receiving a "[EN] Locale Translation Not Found". This was due to an issue with Fire/EMS issuing invoices, players will now see the correct invoice listed. Fire/EMS: Added PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the clothing locker. The agency will have $100,000 deducted every Friday morning until further notice for stocking of these items. Sickness/Illness: Continued to decrease chances of acquiring the virus. Decreased chances of acquiring the virus from a contagious player. Decreased hospitalization timer between 3-7 minutes (originally 5-10 minutes). Decreased the amount of health that is deducted with each symptom. Decreased chances for a player to acquire the virus or get infected when wearing a respirator mask to 5% instead of 10%. Increased the duration of antibodies from 1 hour to 2 hours. This means if you're body fights off the infection or antibiotics is used the player is immune to the virus for 2 hours. Note: if the player crashes or exits the game this timer resets to 0. Players should no longer be coughing or sneezing when dead. Law Enforcement: Added PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the clothing locker. Each LEO agency will have $100,000 deducted every Friday morning until further notice for stocking of these items. The PPE provided is a respirator mask and nonlatex medical gloves. Simply "use" the item to take the PPE on/off. Note: when taking off PPE a small chance exist of damaging the equipment, therefore, new PPE will need to be purchased. Job Center: Paleto Bay is pleased to announce the opening of a job center. Willies grocery store will serve as a "hiring center" for new players looking for a new career! Player Businesses: Fixed an issue that prevented administrators and moderators from creating custom businesses for players. Shops: All players can visit an LTD Gas Station or a Twenty Four Seven to purchase PPE equipment for $100. Due to high demand each store has limited the amount of PPE that can be purchased to 2 per customer.
  5. The server was just restarted to apply a quick update. Law Enforcement Vehicles: Fixed GSP skins on 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe.
  6. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Law Enforcement Vehicles: Added 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe Added 2020 Dodge Charger Added 2020 Dodge Charger (Slicktop Variant) Added Sheriff Polaris Added DNR Polaris Updated Police Transport Van to Fulton County Sheriff Office Skin Added new Georgia State Patrol skins for the 2020 Tahoe Added Georgia State Patrol K9 skins for the 2020 Tahoe and 2020 Charger Retired 2011 Ford Crown Victoria (Secondary) Retired 2011 Ford Crown Victoria (Slicktop) Retired 2016 Ford Explorer (Seconday) Retired 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Retired 2014 Tahoe Retired 2015 Tahoe Retired 2016 Tahoe Retired 2015 Chevy Silverado (DNR) Retired 2014 Dodge Charger Retired 2018 Dodge Charger Law Enforcement: Added ability to spawn and modify new vehicles to the Sheriff's Office and Georgia State Patrol Stations Fire Department: Added Search and Rescue Polaris Fire Department: Added ability to spawn and modify new vehicle to all Fire Departments Radar Script Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that caused the speeds of aircraft and boats to be detected and displayed Replaced the multi-keyboard control system with FiveM's key mapping, this means that every client can set their own keys in GTA's key binding menu Adjusted the display update interval, instead of 20 times a second it is now 10 Fixed the heading check Vehicle Handling: Updated handling for the Ford Crown Victoria Updated handling for the Police Buzzard Other: Removed references to the Atlanta Police Department from the scrolling advertisements
  7. Earlier
  8. This actually brought tears to my eyes Thank you so much Mr. Evans for all of your hard work and dedication to this group and for creating the place I started my GTA V RP life with. This place and you will always have a great part in my gaming life! I know this is not good by friend but still hurts to see you retire!
  9. Greetings GRP, In February of 2016 I discovered the FiveM platform for the first time. After spending several weeks in Department of Justice roleplay. It became quite evident how toxic DOJRP had become. The high levels of corruption, favoritism, and disrespect towards every member was astounding. I submitted my resignation from the group and immediately began searching for another community. After several weeks I located a YouTube channel for "Greenshire County Roleplay". This community was a fictional county based on Florida laws and statues. After performing additional research on Greenshire County, it met the exact criteria I had been searching. Anxiously, I submitted an application for "Deputy" and quickly received a reply for an informal interview within the TeamSpeak. The interviewers (Community Owner Aaron Sike & Community Owner J. Chancy) asked me similar interview questions to what we currently ask here in Georgia Roleplay. I was accepted on the spot for the rank/role of "Deputy" and was told to report to training the following day. Community Owner A. Sike conducted my training and stated the following "Mr. Evans, what you put into this group is EXACTLY what you'll get out of it." Little did I know how different Georgia Roleplay would be compared to other communities that I have lead. For example, server administration, server development (LUA language), server maintenance, financial cost for assets etc. Additionally, I had no idea at the time how much of a profound impact this community would have on my life. Therefore, I took former Community Owner Aaron Sikes advice to heart. Although we no longer speak due to a falling out we had regarding the successful direction of Georgia Roleplay. Nonetheless, I fully believe that I've lived up to my promise to keep Georgia Roleplay going strong while continuing to deliver a fun, exciting, and entertaining atmosphere regardless of playstyle. Since my acceptance of community owner I've dedicated 5000+ hours to this community in development. Not including the time to learn and familiarizing myself with the LUA computer language, moving and managing GRPs financial assets (donations, server host, FiveM's pateron etc.), quick response to bug reports, member requests for additional features, and much more. Compared to other existing FiveM communities, I truly believe that Georgia Roleplay remains the most realistic and unique server on the FiveM platform. Unfortunately, it is with great sadness that I am announcing my retirement from Georgia Roleplay effective at the end of the month. At that time I'll be reduced in rank to "Community Friend" as my final request. The reasoning for my departure from the community is as follows. Since my return from the middle east in November my health has declined greatly. I've had severe constant pain within the inner core of my body which has caused difficulty in performing even basic/simple task. Recently, I had surgery last month, I had high hopes that doctors could locate the issue and prescribe treatment. Sadly, the doctors have no medical explanation on my condition as well as treatments to prescribe. This is the main reason for my long absences as of late. Additionally, with the Coronavirus effecting product distribution in China my job has gotten a lot more difficult. With no shipments of additional inventory and product supply low while consumer demand remains high. I've had to find other means to sell my products. This has resulted in high levels of significant stress as well as overtime. Community Owner Miller and Community Owner Fitz will continue to remain as owners of Georgia Roleplay. These two gentlemen have my complete confidence and are very dedicated and determined individuals who wish to continue to see Georgia Roleplay thrive. A lot of ideas and suggestions were presented at our last meeting such as opening up Georgia Roleplay to other games. Matter of fact RedM has been highly suggested and is currently being investigated. Expect to see additional information released soon from the community owners regarding this. Please understand as of right now, this is NOT the end of Georgia Roleplay. It is my sincere hope that every member will continue to remain within Georgia Roleplay and continue to call our community "home". Lastly, I would like to very much thank everyone for an amazing four years. The memorable friendships I've developed and experiences that I've had with this wonderful group I will cherish for a lifetime. The staff team and department leaders I've worked alongside have been phenomenal and have been open to new ideas and growth. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your community owner and deliver what I hope has been the most fun and memorable GTA V/FiveM experience. Fair Winds & Following Seas Sincerely, Jordan Evans Community Owner Georgia Roleplay
  10. B.  Smith


    Do you have what it takes ?
  11. {B smith joined} {B smith has gone On Duty} {B smith has spawn a PD charger} 

    {1003 show me 10-41, 10-8 And ready for Patrol} 


  12. Thank you for getting back to me for my Moderator App. 

    Andrew M.

  13. Well I’m back from LOA with some mild flood damage but I should be back up and gaming with you guys tonight. 

  14. Good whatever time you are reading this, This announcement is to inform everyone on the GRP servers that Fivem will be releasing an update that will directly effect the visual performance of our servers. Fivem is making it where all third party visual mods will no longer work resulting in police lights being dim to non existent. Thank you for understanding and bear with us! GRP Staff
  15. Hey thank you all for allowing me in, i will be on sometime this weekend to finalize things, got a lot of family stuff going on this week which is why I have been MIA. See you all soon


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