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  4. Well I’m back from LOA with some mild flood damage but I should be back up and gaming with you guys tonight. 

  5. Good whatever time you are reading this, This announcement is to inform everyone on the GRP servers that Fivem will be releasing an update that will directly effect the visual performance of our servers. Fivem is making it where all third party visual mods will no longer work resulting in police lights being dim to non existent. Thank you for understanding and bear with us! GRP Staff
  6. Hey thank you all for allowing me in, i will be on sometime this weekend to finalize things, got a lot of family stuff going on this week which is why I have been MIA. See you all soon


  7. Brah!!!! Welcome!!! MWAHAHAHAHA

    I see you!

  8. Seen you lurking on 1/26/19 at 1842

  9. Work is boring sometimes lol. Just sitting unloading. 


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