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J. Evans

Halloween Event is Live!

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Greetings GRP,

As of today the Halloween event is live! This special event will run from today through Monday morning at server restart. 

Several things have been added or changed for this occasion. Since Halloween is filled with scary/spooky elements and odd encounters, it is possible you may encounter some of these elements for this event.


Change into a costume from your favorite movies or TV shows. A full listing of all costumes can be found in game via the /costumes command. Use the trainer to spawn into these costumes. 

For example:

  • Iron Man
  • Spider Man
  • Darth Vader
  • Kylo Ren
  • Venom
  • Rey (For Rey Rey 😀)
  • Thanos
  • Tons More!


  • Weather has been changed to a foggy theme.
  • At night the weather will become stormy with a green tint in the atmosphere.
  • Replaced the blimp flying over the City of Atlanta to a star destroyer.


  • Purchase Trick or Treat tokens from the Twenty Four Seven or LTD Gas Stations ($10 each)
  • Give trick-or-treat tokens to AI on the streets for a chance at receiving Halloween Candy.
  • Halloween candy is a special food only obtainable in this event. Therefore, it provides a huge filling bonus for your characters hunger.


  • Replaced the dagger with Kylo Rens Lightsaber.


  • Redesigned and changed loading screen music for this event.


We hope you enjoy the Halloween festivities and we look forward to seeing you in game!

GRP Administrative staff

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