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P. Fitz

Finding your Steam API key for cad

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I’m hearing some people are having issues with their CAD linking to in game. In order to solve this follow the steps below:


1) Copy your steam profile url and insert into

2) copy the steamID64

3) convert the decimal to a hexadecimal using this site:

4) insert this number (should start with 110) into the steamAPI field in CAD


If you still have issues after trying these steps DM me either on the forums or discord and I will troubleshoot further when I am able. 

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Note, this is for law enforcement and fire only.


After Fitz and I troubleshooted this problem this morning and came up with the above solution, then I found another one. If you'd like to do it easier follow this...


1) Get in game

2) Open Tablet (Shift+M)

3) Click Issued Citations

4) At the bottom, click "Player IDs"

5) In the Player Name column, locate your steam name. This name may be different than your current steam profile name. It was the name of your profile at the time you got whitelisted.

6) After locating your name, look in the first column and copy the NUMBERS ONLY and it should begin with "110..."

7) Paste this number in the steamAPI field in your identifier window in CAD.

Edited by C. Blinzler

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can we get this posted somewhere everyone can see this 



County Batt. Chief Nathan Gordon

Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department

Administration Division


name plate.png

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