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J. Evans

Main Server Patch Notes 05/02/2020

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The server is queued to apply an update at server restart.

Barber Shop:

  • The petition went through to once again allow barber shops to perform facial changes. While the medical association is quite upset, they understand the reasoning.


Dumpster Diving:

  • Players once again have a small chance of getting sick from each dumpster dive.


Georgia State Patrol:

  • Fixed an issue with the radio clicks not operating correctly when pressing the "Z" key. (Special thanks to C. Blitz for this report!).
  • Radio click sounds or gun holster animations will not activate if the player is in the air (skydiving or falling to the ground at fast velocities).


Mobile Phone:

  • Continued to adjust several translations



  • Increased chances from a lockpick breaking (removal from inventory) from 10% to 30%.


Stock Market/Investing:

  • Contacted the stock exchange regarding several spelling mistakes on their interface. The stock exchange personnel are not only very embarrassed, however, sends its sincerest apologies and have corrected the typos. (Specials thanks to Atlen for this bug report!).

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