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P. Fitz

Main Server Patch Notes 05/03/2020

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The server is queued to apply an update at server restart.


  • Unfortunately the 2014 Chargers did not sell at the public auction. This has caused them to be readded to the motor pool. We hope everyone will enjoy the increased variety this brings back to the server.
  • The Georgia State Patrol has finally completed the task of repainting the Mobile Command Centers of FCSO and APD. There are now three MCCs available throughout the map. (Special thanks to Dugger for creating the GSP skin for the MCC)
  • The Atlanta Fire Rescue Station in Paleto Bay has graciously agreed to assist in storing a Mobile Command Center at their location. To spawn the vehicle use the marker behind GSP.
  • The GSP Impound in Atlanta has also received a Mobile Command Center. To spawn the vehicle use the marker by the garage door to the left of the station doors.


Looking Forward:

  • A quick look at some additional features in the works:
    • Additional civilian vehicles are in the final stages of testing. Keep an eye peeled on the dealership as their stock may rotate soon.
    • More Boats! We are working on adding some custom boats to the server for both first responders and civilians
    • A new Search and Rescue Helicopter - In the wake of recent Search and Rescue calls, GSP and AFR have jointly funded the purchase of a military surplus Black Hawk helicopter to increase their S&R capabilities. The newly acquired machine is out for repainting currently, but is expected to be delivered this month.
    • The Fulton County Court System - With an increase in investigative activity we are exploring the introduction of a court system for civilians to dispute charges before a judge. This will add an entirely new aspect to our roleplay and we are very excited to see what opportunities it provides.


As always we want to thank everyone for making our server the great server it is, and please keep sending your suggestions in so we can continue to expand the experience we offer!

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