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Ladies and Gentlemen of GRP,


As we continue our resurgence here at Georgia Roleplay we would like to recognize our members who stuck with us through the slowest winter we have recorded to date.

These members remained active throughout that time, participated in discussions with the staff regarding ways to boost activity, and when that boost came jumped in head first to make sure we made the most of it!

As Community Owners we know that this community cannot survive without the amazing members we have. We extend our thanks to each and every one of you who plays on our server, joins our Discord or Teamspeak, and helps to make this community what it is. Please join us in recognizing these excellent members that went above and beyond in making sure this community continues to thrive!

The members below are hereby conferred the status of Community Veteran!

L. Cognevich

J. Conway

C. Foster

N. Gordon

B. Hyde

Z. Robinson

B. Whalen


In addition to recognizing these members who stuck with us through our tough times, we would also like to recognize a member who has been here longer than everyone except Mr. J. Evans!

Sgt D. Smooth of the Georgia State Patrol joined barely one month after Mr. Evans and has remained a dedicated member of this community ever since. He joined our staff team last month and has continued to excel in this new role. Outside of GRP he is busy attending the police academy to further his dedication to service and give back to a community even larger than this one. 

For these reasons, we would like to confer upon Mr. Smooth the title of Community Founder, in recognition for his extraordinarily long tenure and continued contributions to the Georgia Roleplay Community.


Again thank you to everyone that supports our great community!


GRP Community Owners

J. Evans

M. Miller

P. Fitz

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@P. Fitz @M. Miller @J. Evans I would like to thank you as well for all the hard work you three put in as well. We would not have a place to call home and dedicate time to without you three. It is a honor to be committed to community veteran! And congratulations to my fellow members joining myself. But a big thank you to @D. Smooth for you continued service to the community!

Again thank you all again let’s continue to make GRP the amazing place we call our home away from home!


Chief Nathan Gordon

Community Administration/HR 

Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department

Administration Division


name plate.png

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nothing but faith and dedication! Congratz to Smooth and all other members for making it to GRP Vet  status!!

Michael Spirko Lead Civ. | Reserve Senior Trooper 804 | Georgia State Patrol 

Human Resources Department / Administration Staff Member1499565733_DesktopScreenshot2020_04_24-19_01_17_24.thumb.png.5bb585c06ef5f59d72c8989756019698.png

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