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J. Evans

Main Server Patch Notes 05/06/2020

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The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update.

Airline Job:

  • Updated several misleading and confusion translations.

Cooldown Timer:

  • Connecting players will now see the priority cooldown timer. However, when priorities are on hold it still glitches and does not display (known bug).
  • When the priority timer has started (official countdown) or priorities are on hold all PVP will be disabled. This is to prevent random RDMs and other player deaths during this cooldown time.


  • A players first and last name will now be displayed on the document instead of steam name.

Georgia State Patrol:

  • Officially releasing DNR related content in this update, Trooper rank or above can visit the DNR station in Vinewood or Great Ocean Highway to immediately jump into the role of a DNR officer. (Please make sure you have proper permission and have cleared it with any supervisors before engaging in DNR duties.)
  • The following can now be done at the DNR outpost in North Vinewood. DNR related markers are green instead of police blue.
    • Acquire a DNR vehicle (Silverado, Polaris, or Vehicle Trailers!)
    • Go on/off duty
    • Armory/loadout
  • The small DNR shack on Great Ocean Highway will allow the DNR officer to spawn a DNR vehicle.
  • DNR officers can acquire a Police Predator boat at any boat rental location for no charge!

Investing/Stock Market:

  • Limited the amount that can be invested to $100,000.
  • Loss of money if the stock percentage is negative (20% max)
  • Stock market updates every 5 minutes instead of every 1 minute.


  • Fixed an issue when flying a plane over the prison would jail the player for trespassing.
  • Players flying over the prison may receive a message of "State Prison is a restricted airspace".
  • Jailed players can no longer perform prison work if their jail time is less than one minute. If a player is in the middle of packaging, the animation will stop. This will help fix the issue of players getting stuck in the Prison Work room.


  • Fixed an issue when taking off PPE which caused a male character arms to disappear. (I've done the best I can, sadly it may be the best it will get).

Player Death:

  • Players that are killed with any of the following licenses will automatically be given back that license in an expired state:
    • Drivers License
    • Commercial Drivers License
    • Motorcycle License
    • Limo License
    • Weapon Permit (Not yet available)
  • Players can then renew the expired license at the DMV for half the cost, no driving test required.
  • If the player dies with any of the following licenses expired the player will need to reacquire another license from the DMV.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from looting dead players.


  • Fixed an issue that caused a player to continuously die after being revived. A sick player will no longer receive a health deduction penalty if the players health is less than or equal to 20 points.
  • Fixed additional typos.

Trunk Inventory:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented stored items in players trunks from working correctly.


  • Changed the handling line for the Chevrolet Silverado (LEO).

Weapon System:

  • Fixed a right thumbstick controller conflict.

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