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J. Evans

Main Server Patch Notes 05/19/2020

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The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update.


  • Added a new administration system for both moderators and administrators. This new system introduces new features such as player warnings, bans, ban listing, and a warning list.
  • Moderators rank or higher can now issue warnings to players for violations. The player receiving the warning will receive an on screen notification and chat message regarding their warning. The warning will be logged in the warning list to be viewed by all moderators or administrators. To perform a warning type /grp warn (notice the space between /grp and warn). Select the correct player from the drop down list and input the warning message in the proper text box.
  • Administrators as before can continue to issue bans, the command name /grp ban (notice the space between /grp and ban). Select the correct player, reason for the ban, and the duration of the ban.
  • To view the player warning list perform /grp warnlist.
  • To view the player ban list perform /grp banlist (administrator rank or higher).


  • Added the ingame command /apiid this command will display the steam API ID for the player. This is especially useful to new members or guest who wish to register with the CAD, however, do not know their ID.

Note: Additional CAD plugins/integrations are coming, however, these plugins are not bug free.

Drug Effects:

  • Added a drug use notification when a player uses a drug.

Dumpster Diving:

  • Added additional items to be located in a dumpster:
    • Gym Membership:
    • Wet Wipes
    • Xanax

Inventory Hud:

  • The inventory hud will close automatically when using the following items:
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Wet Wipes
    • Fire Gear
    • State Police Badge
    • Parachute
    • Trooper Hat
    • Trooper Ball Cap


  • Fixed an issue that prevented several of our new fire vehicles from being modified.
  • The Chief Silverado vehicle has been restricted to Battalion Chief rank and higher.


  • Fixed a translation issue when drinking redbull stated the player was drinking coffee.


  • Cleaned up unnecessary code within multiple scripts.

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