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J. Evans

Main Server Patch Notes 05/21/2020

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The server is queued to apply an update at server restart.

Georgia State Patrol:

  • All patrol cars will now spawn with the color GSP blue automatically.
  • Crown Victoria hubcaps/rims can now only be applied to Crown Victoria at police stations.
  • Dodge Charger hubcaps/rims can now only be applied to Dodge Chargers at police stations.
  • Further optimized the following vehicles for performance:
    • 2011 Ford Crown Victoria
    • 2016 Ford Explorer
    • 2014 Dodge Charger
    • 2018 Dodge Charger
    • 2019 Dodge Durango
    • 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe
    • 2013 Chevrolet Caprice


  • Removed the ability to change hubcaps/rims at the vehicle modification marker.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed players in the backseat of patrol cars to utilize the spotlight.
  • Optimized several scripts for performance, especially the posted speed limit script.
  • Replaced the /stay command with /shuff. 
  • Fixed an issue with the seat shuffle and the forever looping animation.
  • Fixed an issue with the seat shuffle and the passenger door not closing properly.
  • Added a /seat command, perform /seat <seatnumber> to place the player in a particular seat. For example, /seat 0 will place the player in the drivers seat. This ability will not work in Law Enforcement vehicles to prevent exploits and trolling.
  • Removed the ingame tablet
  • Removed the ability to deposit items at the Pacific Standard bank.

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