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J. Evans

Main Server Patch Notes 07/08/2020

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The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update.


  • Introducing the new EUP V2 which introduces new clothing variants and styles.
  • Added new clothing variants visit a clothing store to checkout the new styles!
  • Uniforms for the Georgia State Patrol have been overhauled and retextured.
  • Uniforms for Atlanta Fire Rescue Department have been overhauled and retextured.


  • Replaced the fire apparatus to a realistic SCBA. (Special thanks to all who donated to acquire this apparatus.)
  • Added a oxygen monitor when equipping an SCBA.
  • Fire fighters will now need to monitor their oxygen levels, they can do monitoring the oxygen PSI meter.
  • Added a fire gear icon to the inventory window.
  • Fire gear is now required to equip an SCBA.
  • Captain rank and above can acquire a pistol from the equipment locker.

Criminal Visibility:

  • Added a new mechanic to our game "Criminal Visibility".
  • The more criminal actions a player performs the higher the visibility modifier.
  • If a player performs enough criminal actions, LEOs will begin to receive notifications on the players criminal activity.
  • The following methods increase a players visibility modifier:
    • Shooting a gun
    • Melee Combat (regardless if a player or other entity is struck)
    • Car jacking
  • Any of the actions listed above (except car jacking) which are performed within 15 meters of another player will triple the modifier. 
  • Players can decrease their visibility by not performing criminal actions, over time the modifier decreases.
  • Players can perform the /checkvis (Check Visibility command) which will provide the player a notification on their level of visibility.

Note: At the last staff meeting it was brought to my attention that civilians feel they're always being tracked. I've listened to the feedback and have constructed the visibility system to help alleviate this issue. It is my hope that this system will bring a fair balance to both LEOs and civilian criminal life.

Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • Until further notice driving instructors will no longer be riding with driving students. This change has been made to prevent a game crash if the player leaves the vehicle.

Fueler Job:

  • Renamed this job to "GoodGas".

Mechanic Job:

  • Added a tool pouch to the mechanic uniform.


  • Added fireworks as a purchasable item to all 24/7 locations. Fireworks are on sale through this weekend for $100 each, simply use the item, stand back and enjoy the show!
  • A chance exist for both LEOs and Fire/EMS to be called for illegal firework displays.
  • Added Bean Machine interior to our game! Visit the newly opened store by legion square to purchase a coffee or socialize.
  • Added Coffee drink item to all locations except Robs Liquor.


  • With the cases of EvansCorona increasing in Georgia, the chances of acquiring the sickness have been slightly increased.
  • Players will NOT need to visit a hospital for treatment, antibiotics from convenience stores will now suffice. 
  • Changed the mask of type for PPE from a respirator to a wrap around mask.
  • The SCBA for Fire/EMS will now protect a player from EvansCorona when being worn.

Vehicle Garage:

  • Believe to have a fixed an issue that causes vehicles to spawn damaged. (Attempted to test and didn't have an issue, please test and report back.)

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