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J. Evans

Main Server Patch Notes 07/22/2020

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The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update.


  • Removed the /blip command as it was buggy and not reliable.
  • Removed the /names command as it was buggy and not reliable.


  • Fixed an issue with the stretcher that stated "No Players Nearby" when placing the stretcher into an ambulance.
  • The stretcher now attaches correctly to the Chevrolet Ambulance.
  • It is now easier to acquire the stretcher out of an ambulance.
  • The open/close ambulance door trigger should be more reliable.
  • Added ladders which can be collected, stored, and used from the following fire trucks.
    • Ladder Truck
    • Fire Truck
    • Rescue Truck
  • Approach any of these trucks and type "/ladder collect" (without quotes) to acquire a ladder. Each truck can hold 2 ladders so multiple Fire/EMS personnel can use these ladders.
  • Players can use the ladder preview to help align and position the ladder.
  • Follow the tooltip prompts to climb or pickup the ladder.
  • To store ladders approach any of the following trucks above and type "/ladder store" (without quotes) will store the ladder. 

Player Businesses:

  • Removed player owned business blips from the main map. The reason for this removal is due to map was constantly being reloaded and caused us to reach the blip limit.

Investment/Stock Market:

  • Removed this script for performance reasons as it was also very buggy. 
  • Players that had unsold stock have had their money refunded to their bank account automatically.


  • Cigarette lighters can now be purchased at Robs Liquor.
  • The Sandy Springs hospital interior has returned, players will no longer journey to the center of the earth.


  • Adjusted the handling line for the Dodge Charger (LEO).
  • Adjusted the handling line for the Ford Explorer (LEO).

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