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  1. The server is queued to apply an update at restart. Vehicles: The updated handling line for the Ford Explorer (LEO) should now work properly
  2. The server was just restarted to apply an update. Updated Fire Fleet: Added Freightliner Heavy Rescue Added Freightliner Tender Added Freightliner Tanker Engine Added Chevy Utility Truck Added Chevy Rescue Unit Added Chevy Tahoe Incident Command Unit Added Chevy Brush Unit Added Chevy Ambulance Added Ford Explorer Quick Response Unit Removed Quantum Rescue Removed Old Brush Unit Removed XBR Tahoe Cleaned up old vehicle files in back end KNOWN ISSUE: THE NEW BRUSH TRUCK AND NEW HEAVY RESCUE DO NOT INTERACT WITH SOME VEHICLE MODIFICATION MARKERS. WE ARE WORKING ON A FIX FOR THIS IMPORTANT NOTE: These vehicles are higher poly than we normally use, please do not spawn extra vehicles that are not needed. If performance issues are experience, vehicles WILL be removed to ensure smooth performance for all our members. Currently Working On: Sonoran CAD Update Sonoran CAD LiveMap Integration DNR/Search and Rescue Helicopter (Black Hawk) and Boat! Additional Civilian Boats DEVELOPER NOTE: There will be a pause on adding new vehicles as we evaluate the performance effects of the updated fire fleet. We have put a lot of work in to optimizing everything and hope we will be able to continue adding more vehicles for everyone to enjoy. New Medical Fleet New Wildland Fire Fleet New Rescues and Utility Vehicle New Command/QRS Fleet Full New Fire Fleet
  3. It will take some time to dig through past donations, but yes. They will be added.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen of GRP, As we continue to grow and seek newer features, we need your help to keep us going strong! Currently it costs just under $2,000 per year to keep this group running. These funds cover: Rent payments for our server box which hosts the website, teamspeak, and both game servers Our monthly subscription to the FiveM Patreon which gives us early access to upcoming features Our monthly subscription to Sonoran CAD that gives us continued access to advanced features On top of this, we would like to continue growing our capabilities and providing even better services and features to you all such as: High quality vehicle models An upgraded or additional server box DDOS Protection and/or greater bandwidth In order to support these efforts we humbly ask for your donations to support our great community, but rest assured your donations will not be without reward! We are proud to announce our new donation rewards: Donators shall receive a special donator tag in both Teamspeak and Discord depending on the total amount they have donated Donators are granted access to private text and voice channels on Discord For every $10 donated the player shall receive $5,000 in game money up to a total of $500,000 (in game) per calendar year Members who donate more than $100 shall receive access to special polls allowing them to provide direct input to the staff team on upcoming features and suggestions Members who donate more than $100 shall also have their name placed on a donator board at the in game Mission Row Police Station The top donator each month will be invited to join the staff meeting IN PERSON to provide their direct input on all the suggestions and upcoming features We hope to continue providing our wonderful server and GRP experience, please if you have any questions regarding the donation process or suggestions to improve our system please use the #donation-questions channel in discord and our Financial Manager or another staff member will assist you. Thank you, GRP Community Owners J. Evans M. Miller P. Fitz
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen of GRP, As we continue our resurgence here at Georgia Roleplay we would like to recognize our members who stuck with us through the slowest winter we have recorded to date. These members remained active throughout that time, participated in discussions with the staff regarding ways to boost activity, and when that boost came jumped in head first to make sure we made the most of it! As Community Owners we know that this community cannot survive without the amazing members we have. We extend our thanks to each and every one of you who plays on our server, joins our Discord or Teamspeak, and helps to make this community what it is. Please join us in recognizing these excellent members that went above and beyond in making sure this community continues to thrive! The members below are hereby conferred the status of Community Veteran! L. Cognevich J. Conway C. Foster N. Gordon B. Hyde Z. Robinson B. Whalen In addition to recognizing these members who stuck with us through our tough times, we would also like to recognize a member who has been here longer than everyone except Mr. J. Evans! Sgt D. Smooth of the Georgia State Patrol joined barely one month after Mr. Evans and has remained a dedicated member of this community ever since. He joined our staff team last month and has continued to excel in this new role. Outside of GRP he is busy attending the police academy to further his dedication to service and give back to a community even larger than this one. For these reasons, we would like to confer upon Mr. Smooth the title of Community Founder, in recognition for his extraordinarily long tenure and continued contributions to the Georgia Roleplay Community. Again thank you to everyone that supports our great community! GRP Community Owners J. Evans M. Miller P. Fitz
  6. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. GSP: Unfortunately the 2014 Chargers did not sell at the public auction. This has caused them to be readded to the motor pool. We hope everyone will enjoy the increased variety this brings back to the server. The Georgia State Patrol has finally completed the task of repainting the Mobile Command Centers of FCSO and APD. There are now three MCCs available throughout the map. (Special thanks to Dugger for creating the GSP skin for the MCC) The Atlanta Fire Rescue Station in Paleto Bay has graciously agreed to assist in storing a Mobile Command Center at their location. To spawn the vehicle use the marker behind GSP. The GSP Impound in Atlanta has also received a Mobile Command Center. To spawn the vehicle use the marker by the garage door to the left of the station doors. Looking Forward: A quick look at some additional features in the works: Additional civilian vehicles are in the final stages of testing. Keep an eye peeled on the dealership as their stock may rotate soon. More Boats! We are working on adding some custom boats to the server for both first responders and civilians A new Search and Rescue Helicopter - In the wake of recent Search and Rescue calls, GSP and AFR have jointly funded the purchase of a military surplus Black Hawk helicopter to increase their S&R capabilities. The newly acquired machine is out for repainting currently, but is expected to be delivered this month. The Fulton County Court System - With an increase in investigative activity we are exploring the introduction of a court system for civilians to dispute charges before a judge. This will add an entirely new aspect to our roleplay and we are very excited to see what opportunities it provides. As always we want to thank everyone for making our server the great server it is, and please keep sending your suggestions in so we can continue to expand the experience we offer!
  7. I’m hearing some people are having issues with their CAD linking to in game. In order to solve this follow the steps below: 1) Copy your steam profile url and insert into 2) copy the steamID64 3) convert the decimal to a hexadecimal using this site: 4) insert this number (should start with 110) into the steamAPI field in CAD If you still have issues after trying these steps DM me either on the forums or discord and I will troubleshoot further when I am able.
  8. Also forgot to mention... There is a desktop app and a phone app available for this CAD as well. These are much less resource intensive than running your CAD in a web browser.
  9. CAD Release: Georgia Roleplay is proud to announce the release of our newly acquired Sonoran CAD Software. This update CAD contains many features which will both enhance the gameplay of all our players, and remove the significant burden of manually entering vehicles and characters into the current CAD. All visitors and members may register an account at When registering use the permission key "Civilian" this will grant automatic access to the civilian page Emergency Services members must contact an Admin to have their roles updated Law Enforcement personnel will need to contact their department supervision to have their unit ID number set Database Integration: Character Import All characters created using the /register command automatically have their First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Sex, and Height imported into the CAD database In order to "claim" your character and link it to your CAD account follow the instructions below: Select the civilian page Select NEW CHARACTER - you will be warned that this community uses database sync and prompted to search for your character by first and last name Click ***ONCE*** on your characters name in the search results list (Clicking more than once will add the character to your account multiple times and this is very difficult to remove) Once the character is added to your account, selecting it from the dropdown and clicking EDIT CHARACTER will allow to add additional information such as an address, hair and eye color, aliases, and emergency contact information. Vehicle Import All vehicles previously purchased in game are imported into CAD using their license plate and registered to all characters of an individual player (this is because they are all connected using your SteamID) Vehicle Information can be updated by selecting RECORDS on the civilian screen and clicking each vehicle under the drop down. Each vehicle can be updated with Vehicle Type, Make, Model, Color, and Model Year. In-Game Integration: 911/511/311 Calls All players in game have access to the /911 (emergency calls) /511 (civil calls) and /311 (non-emergency calls) commands to send calls to the dispatcher in CAD These commands will also generate an in game chat message alerting Emergency Services personnel to check their CAD for a call To submit a call type the desired command followed by your call details Example: /911 Help I have been shot by a man wearing a purple sweatshirt Try to put as much detail as possible into your call as each /911 generates a new call rather than adding to existing ones Panic Alarms Emergency Services personnel may use the /panic command to send a panic alarm to the dispatcher Location Tracking All the commands for submitting information to dispatch in game are sent with the player's location data to identify the closest cross street. Discord Integration: Active 911 Calls All calls submitted via /911 are posted to the #active-911 channel in Discord (located in the Fulton County Communications section) This will allow emergency services personnel to be alerted to 911 calls while patrolling without an active dispatcher Panic Alarms All panic alarms are posted to the #panic-alarm channel in Discord (located in the Fulton County Communications section) BOLO Broadcasts All BOLOs submitted in cad are posted to the #bolo-broadcast channel in Discord (located in the Fulton County Communications section) Possible Future Features: Live CAD Map - This feature was recently removed by the developer due to security concerns. As soon as the developer released the feature we plan to implement it. Department of Motor Vehicles - Sonoran CAD contains a section for DMV personnel to manage vehicle registrations. Should the community show interest in expanding their roleplay this feature can be implemented. Lawyers - Sonoran CAD contains a section for Lawyers which allows them to review police reports and civilian records to provide legal representation. Should the community show interest in expanding their roleplay this feature can be implemented. Private EMS/Ambulance Companies - Currently the EMS section of our CAD is unused, as EMS services are provided by Atlanta Fire Rescue. This is a potential opportunity for the return of private EMS companies should the community wish to see this option re-added.
  10. The server was just restarted to apply a quick update. Law Enforcement Vehicles: Fixed GSP skins on 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe.
  11. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Law Enforcement Vehicles: Added 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe Added 2020 Dodge Charger Added 2020 Dodge Charger (Slicktop Variant) Added Sheriff Polaris Added DNR Polaris Updated Police Transport Van to Fulton County Sheriff Office Skin Added new Georgia State Patrol skins for the 2020 Tahoe Added Georgia State Patrol K9 skins for the 2020 Tahoe and 2020 Charger Retired 2011 Ford Crown Victoria (Secondary) Retired 2011 Ford Crown Victoria (Slicktop) Retired 2016 Ford Explorer (Seconday) Retired 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Retired 2014 Tahoe Retired 2015 Tahoe Retired 2016 Tahoe Retired 2015 Chevy Silverado (DNR) Retired 2014 Dodge Charger Retired 2018 Dodge Charger Law Enforcement: Added ability to spawn and modify new vehicles to the Sheriff's Office and Georgia State Patrol Stations Fire Department: Added Search and Rescue Polaris Fire Department: Added ability to spawn and modify new vehicle to all Fire Departments Radar Script Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that caused the speeds of aircraft and boats to be detected and displayed Replaced the multi-keyboard control system with FiveM's key mapping, this means that every client can set their own keys in GTA's key binding menu Adjusted the display update interval, instead of 20 times a second it is now 10 Fixed the heading check Vehicle Handling: Updated handling for the Ford Crown Victoria Updated handling for the Police Buzzard Other: Removed references to the Atlanta Police Department from the scrolling advertisements
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