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N. Gordon

Atlanta Fire Rescue Department
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  1. can we get this posted somewhere everyone can see this
  2. Can we get this pinned to the top
  3. Do use previous donors get grandfathered in for the names on the wall at mission row?
  4. @P. Fitz @M. Miller @J. Evans I would like to thank you as well for all the hard work you three put in as well. We would not have a place to call home and dedicate time to without you three. It is a honor to be committed to community veteran! And congratulations to my fellow members joining myself. But a big thank you to @D. Smooth for you continued service to the community! Again thank you all again let’s continue to make GRP the amazing place we call our home away from home!
  5. This actually brought tears to my eyes Thank you so much Mr. Evans for all of your hard work and dedication to this group and for creating the place I started my GTA V RP life with. This place and you will always have a great part in my gaming life! I know this is not good by friend but still hurts to see you retire!
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