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  1. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Administrator/Moderator: The /repair command can now be used by moderators The /clean command can now be used by moderators. Bank Security Job: The security Prius has now been made into an addon vehicle. Therefore, it will no longer replace the lifeguard granger unit. CAD (Sonoran): Added live map feature to the CAD! Players must be logged into the CAD and within the game to use live map effectively. The live map will only display those who are actively on the police, fire, or dispatch sections of the CAD. To help prevent lag, the live map will update every 5 seconds. Players can now change their status while in the game! Use the following command to change your CAD status in game /setstatus status Example /setstatus AVAILABLE (must be caps) will set your CAD status to available. The following statuses can be utilized via the /setstatus command: AVAILABLE UNAVAILABLE ENROUTE BUSY ONSCENE Note: Players will need to have their Steam API settings similar to the one listed below. The Live Map function is still very much in beta and bugs are bound to happen. I'll communicate any bugs found to the developer. Georgia State Patrol: When going off duty via the locker room the following will now be removed: LEO Weapon Loadout Thermal Vision Goggles Bulletproof Vest Reflective Vest Miranda Card Riot Shield Window Tint Tester Police Radio Ammo Clip Police Badge Trooper Ballcap Trooper Hat Increased the time to lockpick a vehicle from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Fire/EMS: When going off duty via the locker room the following will now be removed: Thiamine Narcan Bandages Medikits Fire Apparatus (Male) Fire Apparatus (Female) Vital Signs Card Reflective Vest Added a new Battalion Chief Vehicle (Batt 4) this vehicle is available for Battalion Chief rank and higher. Mechanic Job: Increased the time to lockpick a vehicle from 10 seconds to 1 minute. Added a progress bar for lockpicking a vehicle. Changed the animation for lockpicking a vehicle from the "welding" animation to a default animation. Robbery: Convenience Stores: Decreased the robbery timer for all convenience stores (except Yellow Jack Bar) from 3 minutes to 2 minutes. Decreased the robbery timer for the Yellow Jack Bar from 4 minutes to 3 minutes. Robbery: Banks: Decreased the robbery timer from 15 minutes to 10 minutes for all banks (except Vinewood Pacific Standard) Robbery: ATM: Decreased the robbery timer from 90 seconds to 75 seconds. Vehicles: Added the Imponte Ruiner as a purchasable vehicle.
  2. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Administration: Fixed an issue where admins and above could not use the following commands: "/grp warn" "/grp ban" "/grp warnlist" "/grp banlist" Fixed an issue where moderators and above could not use the following commands: "/grp warn" "/grp warnlist" Hospitals: Fixed an issue that caused your characters skin and clothing to revert when getting healed by a doctor. (Specials thanks to C. Foster for reporting!) Teleportation Markers: Fixed a labeling issue that stated all teleportation markers would lead to the "FIB 1st Floor". This was a labeling cosmetic issue only, the destination of the marker remained unchanged. (Special thanks to C. Good for reporting!)
  3. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Bank Security: Added a Gruppe Sec dilettante vehicle for this job, the vehicle includes amber lighting, push bumper, spot lights, and computer terminal. (Thanks to M. Spirko for the suggestion). Fire/EMS: Fire/EMS personnel can now press "F5" while in a fire vehicle to change vehicle extras while on scene. This is very useful to simulate moving pieces of the fire vehicles apparatuses. Residential Burglaries: Residents that are now awaken by the burglar will now call the cops immediately.
  4. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Civilian Vehicles: Fixed an issue with some Law Enforcement textures appearing on some of the recently added vehicles. Increased prices of all custom vehicles (excluding DLC models) Door Locks/Door Hacking: This script has finally been optimized! The look of the 3D text has been adjusted to look more professional and more clean. Battalion Chief rank and higher will now be able to access the boss management terminal. Battalion Chief rank and higher can now see the department funds on their HUD. Removed the door hacking minigame as this script has become highly unstable after a recent FiveM update. The police station heist continues to remain a popular event. Instead of removing Police Keycards completely, I've changed how door hacking works. Simply approach a locked door and "Use" the Police Keycard while facing the door. The keycard has a 25% chance of working and allowing the player access through the door. To be fair since the minigame had to be removed. I've decreased the chances of cops being notified from 50% to 40%. Georgia State Patrol: Captain rank and higher will now be able to access the boss management terminal. Captain rank and higher can now see the department funds on their HUD. Fire/EMS: Made the stretcher a lot easier and user friendly! Increased the range to pickup a stretcher from 2 meters to 3 meters. The stretcher will no longer spawn on top of the player, instead it will now spawn in the direction the player is facing. The Open/Close Ambulance Bay Doors button now works as intended. Fixed an issue that caused the "holding" animation to continue to loop after placing the stretcher into the ambulance. Fire/EMS that have a weapon equiped when carrying the stretcher will now have their weapon set to "Unarmed" automatically. Robberies ATMs: Decreased the reward for completing an ATM robbery from $20,000-$25,000 to $12,000-$18,000 Weapons: Fixed an issue that prevented the mythic notification from showing. This notification is responsible for informing players to Press "C" to disengaging weapon safeties.
  5. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Civilian Vehicles: The following civilian vehicles have been added: 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe (Windows are buggy, if anyone has a suggestion please let me know!) 2011 Chevrolet Caprice 2011 Ford Crown Victoria (if you purchased the previous variant the updated model will spawn upon removal from the garage.) 2016 Ford Explorer (if you previously purchased the 2014 variant the updated model will spawn upon removal from the garage.) 2016 Ford Taurus 2014 Dodge Charger 2018 Dodge Charger (if you purchased the 2016 variant previously the updated model will spawn upon removal from the garage.) 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe 2019 Dodge Durango Georgia State Patrol: The FIB building has been recoded to now be used for GBI purposes. Members of GBI will now go on duty at the GBI building instead of mission row. However, GBI agents can still go off duty at either the GBI building or previously mission row. Added a teleportation marker in the 2nd elevator (ground level) to ride the elevator to parking level. GBI personnel can spawn vehicles in the parking garage on the lower level. Mostly unmarked vehicles can be spawned at this location. Adjusted the on duty notification to inform all members of GSP when a member of GBI has gone on duty. Adjusted the draw distance of all markers from 100m to 50m. Residential Burglaries: A minimum of one cop must be online to commit a residential burglary. A minimum of one cop must be online to use lockpicks.
  6. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Georgia State Patrol: Changed the headlighting on the Ford Crown Victoria to yellow tint lighting. This provides the vehicle more of realistic and accurate nightlighting effect instead of neon white. Construction Job: Fixed an exploit with the welding task. (Specials thanks to Atlen for reporting!) Player Businesses: Bosses and employees should once again receive stock bonuses each hour. (Not tested fully, please provide feedback if still broken, special thanks to Atlen for reporting!) Trucker Job V2: Trucker assocation has agreed to increase the payout per mile from $0.40 to $0.60.
  7. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Georgia State Patrol: Fixed an issue that would not allow players to modify extras at the vehicle modification marker. Fixed an issue with the Ford Taurus showing red/blue lighting. Fixed an issue with the Chevrolet Caprice paint job spawning half blue and half black. Construction Worker: Added a new job to the game world - Construction Worker! Acquire the "Construction Worker" job at any job center, the job site is located at the building construction site next to the car dealership. Perform various functions around the job site for money such as hammering, jack hammering, and welding. Each task pays a different amount and some more then others. The money acquired will appear on the ground, walk over the money to pickup the amount shown. However, a small cooldown timer exist to prevent rapid spamming and exploiting. A hard hat will be applied to your character upon entering the job site. The hat will also be removed upon exiting the construction site. Certain parts of this job has been recoded by me for improved performance. Players shouldn't notice any performance issues, the only time the job executes/runs is when the player has the job. Trucker Job V2. Added a new trucking job to the game world - Trucking V2! Acquire the "Trucker" job at any job center. Once the job has been acquired head to the docks (white truck icon) on the map. Players will pay $500 for a rental fee for the Phantom truck. Drive the truck to the GPS coordinates to acquire your trailer. Once the routes are completed players can return the truck back to the docks to be reimbursed the $500 rental fee. The current possible routes exist upon acquiring the trailer: Automotive Shipment: Pick up a trailer full of cars and deliver it to PDM, Luxury Autos, or Maibatsu Motors. Logging Delivery: Pick up logs at the sawmill and deliver it to the railyard. Gas Delivery: Pick up a gas tanker at the refinery and deliver to one of 4 gas stations across Fulton County. Players will earn $0.40 per meter driven to the unloading site which can add up to a heavy commission check. Certain parts of this job has been recoded by me for improved performance. Players shouldn't notice any performance issues, the only time the job executes/runs is when the player has the job.
  8. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Georgia State Patrol: All patrol cars will now spawn with the color GSP blue automatically. Crown Victoria hubcaps/rims can now only be applied to Crown Victoria at police stations. Dodge Charger hubcaps/rims can now only be applied to Dodge Chargers at police stations. Further optimized the following vehicles for performance: 2011 Ford Crown Victoria 2016 Ford Explorer 2014 Dodge Charger 2018 Dodge Charger 2019 Dodge Durango 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe 2013 Chevrolet Caprice Mechanic: Removed the ability to change hubcaps/rims at the vehicle modification marker. Misc: Fixed an issue that allowed players in the backseat of patrol cars to utilize the spotlight. Optimized several scripts for performance, especially the posted speed limit script. Replaced the /stay command with /shuff. Fixed an issue with the seat shuffle and the forever looping animation. Fixed an issue with the seat shuffle and the passenger door not closing properly. Added a /seat command, perform /seat <seatnumber> to place the player in a particular seat. For example, /seat 0 will place the player in the drivers seat. This ability will not work in Law Enforcement vehicles to prevent exploits and trolling. Removed the ingame tablet Removed the ability to deposit items at the Pacific Standard bank.
  9. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Administration/Moderation: Added a new administration system for both moderators and administrators. This new system introduces new features such as player warnings, bans, ban listing, and a warning list. Moderators rank or higher can now issue warnings to players for violations. The player receiving the warning will receive an on screen notification and chat message regarding their warning. The warning will be logged in the warning list to be viewed by all moderators or administrators. To perform a warning type /grp warn (notice the space between /grp and warn). Select the correct player from the drop down list and input the warning message in the proper text box. Administrators as before can continue to issue bans, the command name /grp ban (notice the space between /grp and ban). Select the correct player, reason for the ban, and the duration of the ban. To view the player warning list perform /grp warnlist. To view the player ban list perform /grp banlist (administrator rank or higher). CAD: Added the ingame command /apiid this command will display the steam API ID for the player. This is especially useful to new members or guest who wish to register with the CAD, however, do not know their ID. Note: Additional CAD plugins/integrations are coming, however, these plugins are not bug free. Drug Effects: Added a drug use notification when a player uses a drug. Dumpster Diving: Added additional items to be located in a dumpster: Gym Membership: Wet Wipes Xanax Inventory Hud: The inventory hud will close automatically when using the following items: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Wet Wipes Fire Gear State Police Badge Parachute Trooper Hat Trooper Ball Cap Fire/EMS: Fixed an issue that prevented several of our new fire vehicles from being modified. The Chief Silverado vehicle has been restricted to Battalion Chief rank and higher. Food/Drink: Fixed a translation issue when drinking redbull stated the player was drinking coffee. Misc: Cleaned up unnecessary code within multiple scripts.
  10. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. CAD: Updated plugin which addresses several bugs and will now work with their new API. Each player will now need to update their steam API from HEX only to "Steam:XXXXXXXXXXX" (without quotes). For example, if your steam HEX was "11000010101" you'll need to update it to "Steam:11000010101". This will cause the player location display to work once again with the new API. Players can update this at anytime by clicking their name in the CAD. Chop Shop: Decreased the cooldown time for chopping cars from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. Georgia State Patrol: Fixed an issue that caused the new Trooper Campaign Hat or GSP Ballcap from not equiping. Trooper rank or higher can only acquire the Trooper Campaign Hat. Misc: Added a new court house building at the observatory in north Vinewood. Go check it out! Mugging: Players who are not emergency services should no longer receive a mugging notification. Server Sync: Changed the probability in minutes for the chance of rain to (120,1800). This means the server at restart will pick a random minute between 120 minutes (2 hours) and 1800 minutes (30 hours). Since our server restarts every 24 hours instead of 30 hours, some days the server may not see any rain at all. However, other days the server may see rain every few hours. This should simulate some realism that it doesn't rain/storm everyday.
  11. Server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update sorry for the long downtime! Administration: Fixed an issue that prevented moderators from receiving calls for assistance. This resulted in the player requesting for assistance to receive the error "No admins are online". Cooldown Timer: Moderators/admins can now toggle "Priority in Progress" by toggling priority cooldown first and then selecting "Priority: Progress". This is very useful when an active priority situation as this will not disable PVP server wide unlike putting priorities on hold. Fire/EMS: Added a pharmacy/equipment locker to the new station in downtown. Swapped the location of the clothing locker with the new pharmacy/equipment locker. Georgia State Patrol: Added Trooper Campaign Hats to the clothing locker. Troopers can use this to acquire a spare campaign hat in the event the hat gets lost or knocked off. Added a GSP Ballcap to the clothing locker. Troopers can use this to acquire a GSP ballcap in the event the hat gets lost or knocked off. Drug Effects: Recolored the drug indicator bar from a dark purple to a light green. Robbery ATMs: Fixed an bug that allowed players to rob an ATM from within a vehicle. Player Tackle: Due to players exploiting the tackle ability to bypass the jail cells this ability has been now been disabled while in holding cells. LEOs still have the ability to tackle within a holding cell. However, if LEOs begin to abuse this ability it will be removed from LEOs as well.
  12. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Georgia State Patrol: Fixed an issue with the Ford Taurus having red and blue lighting. Replaced the 2020 Tahoe with the 2018 Tahoe from the new liberty light bar pack. Investing/Stock Market: Reverted the script back to its previous working version. This means the limit has been removed until another fix can be located.
  13. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Georgia State Patrol: Thanks to everyone who contributed to acquire the new LEO Whelen Lightbar pack. Good news is the pack has been acquired and is being released in this update! All donations are greatly appreciated and are spent for community assets only. The following vehicles have been replaced with the new LEO pack: 2011 Crown Victoria 2016 Explorer 2016 Taurus 2014 Charger 2018 Charger 2019 Durango 2011 Chevrolet Caprice Added a vehicle modify marker to the DNR outpost in north Vinewood and Great Ocean Highway locations. Added a vehicle delete marker to the DNR outpost in north Vinewood and Great Ocean Highway locations. Known Bug: The 2016 Taurus still has red/blue lighting this will be corrected in a future update.
  14. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Airline Job: Updated several misleading and confusion translations. Cooldown Timer: Connecting players will now see the priority cooldown timer. However, when priorities are on hold it still glitches and does not display (known bug). When the priority timer has started (official countdown) or priorities are on hold all PVP will be disabled. This is to prevent random RDMs and other player deaths during this cooldown time. Documents: A players first and last name will now be displayed on the document instead of steam name. Georgia State Patrol: Officially releasing DNR related content in this update, Trooper rank or above can visit the DNR station in Vinewood or Great Ocean Highway to immediately jump into the role of a DNR officer. (Please make sure you have proper permission and have cleared it with any supervisors before engaging in DNR duties.) The following can now be done at the DNR outpost in North Vinewood. DNR related markers are green instead of police blue. Acquire a DNR vehicle (Silverado, Polaris, or Vehicle Trailers!) Go on/off duty Armory/loadout The small DNR shack on Great Ocean Highway will allow the DNR officer to spawn a DNR vehicle. DNR officers can acquire a Police Predator boat at any boat rental location for no charge! Investing/Stock Market: Limited the amount that can be invested to $100,000. Loss of money if the stock percentage is negative (20% max) Stock market updates every 5 minutes instead of every 1 minute. Jail/Prison: Fixed an issue when flying a plane over the prison would jail the player for trespassing. Players flying over the prison may receive a message of "State Prison is a restricted airspace". Jailed players can no longer perform prison work if their jail time is less than one minute. If a player is in the middle of packaging, the animation will stop. This will help fix the issue of players getting stuck in the Prison Work room. Misc: Fixed an issue when taking off PPE which caused a male character arms to disappear. (I've done the best I can, sadly it may be the best it will get). Player Death: Players that are killed with any of the following licenses will automatically be given back that license in an expired state: Drivers License Commercial Drivers License Motorcycle License Limo License Weapon Permit (Not yet available) Players can then renew the expired license at the DMV for half the cost, no driving test required. If the player dies with any of the following licenses expired the player will need to reacquire another license from the DMV. Fixed an issue that prevented players from looting dead players. Sickness/Illness: Fixed an issue that caused a player to continuously die after being revived. A sick player will no longer receive a health deduction penalty if the players health is less than or equal to 20 points. Fixed additional typos. Trunk Inventory: Fixed an issue that prevented stored items in players trunks from working correctly. Vehicles: Changed the handling line for the Chevrolet Silverado (LEO). Weapon System: Fixed a right thumbstick controller conflict.
  15. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Barber Shop: The petition went through to once again allow barber shops to perform facial changes. While the medical association is quite upset, they understand the reasoning. Dumpster Diving: Players once again have a small chance of getting sick from each dumpster dive. Georgia State Patrol: Fixed an issue with the radio clicks not operating correctly when pressing the "Z" key. (Special thanks to C. Blitz for this report!). Radio click sounds or gun holster animations will not activate if the player is in the air (skydiving or falling to the ground at fast velocities). Mobile Phone: Continued to adjust several translations Items: Increased chances from a lockpick breaking (removal from inventory) from 10% to 30%. Stock Market/Investing: Contacted the stock exchange regarding several spelling mistakes on their interface. The stock exchange personnel are not only very embarrassed, however, sends its sincerest apologies and have corrected the typos. (Specials thanks to Atlen for this bug report!).
  16. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Originally, this update was scheduled for tomorrow morning. However, due to time constraints today is the better day for me to release this update. Barber Shops: Removed the ability to change genders (sex) at barber shops. Removed the ability to change faces at barber shops. Fire: Removed the /startfirecustom script as this script was very buggy and not reliable. Medical Facilities (Hospitals): Rewritten script from scratch. Added a hospital to the Paleto Bay area. Added surgeons to both Pillbox Hill Hospital and Sandy Springs Hospital. Surgeons will allow your character to undergo surgery to change gender (sex) or facial types. Surgeons charge $20,000 for either surgery facial or sex changes, however, if the player wishes to perform both gender and facial changes at the same time, the surgeon will perform both operations at no additional cost. Players can still visit a medical facility for treatment (healing) at $300 (original cost). Increased healing time from 3 seconds to 10 seconds. Inventory Hud: Fixed an issue where the "State Police Badge" icon would not display. Items: Fixed an issue that occurred periodically with PPE that would cause a player to contract the illness/sickness even when wearing protection. Players can now wear PPE and have the full protection it was meant to provide. Fixed an issue with PPE and female arms. Player Garages: Added new player garages to the following areas: Mirror Park Vinewood Vespucci Beach Map: Cleaned up several overlapping icons which could result in decreased performance. Simplified and codensed the list of icons on the map especially Player Vehicle Garages. Misc: Given every player a $10,220 stimulus check from the government. These funds have been direct deposited into each players bank account for the EvansCorona fiasco. Fixed several backend errors regarding the new mobile phone. Shops: Due to popular request added purchasable parachutes to the game! Players can purchase "Parachute Packages" at any weapon shop for $3,500. Increased price of Thermal Vision Goggles to $4,000. Sickness/Illness: EvansCorona Virus event has ended thank you for participating and we hope you enjoyed the event! EvansFluenza returns to the game as the standard sickness with a few changes. Cleaned up the coding. Removed the "Hard to Breathe" symptom as this was particularly tied to the Corona Virus only. Increased chances of slightly getting EvansFluenza (no where near the chances of EvansCorona). An additional modifier has been added, at the beginning, a player will begin sneezing showing signs/symptoms of having the virus. However, a 50% chance exist afterwards if further symptoms continue to occur. The player will be notified 5-10 minutes after sneezing if further symptoms continue to appear or symptoms disappear. A small chance exist of players to die from EvansFluenza. However, the following conditions will need to be met: A minimum of 2 Fire/EMS must be online. Illness has progressed to the advanced stage without receiving treatment. A Department of Controlled Diseases notification will now appear when a confirmed case has been detected. Antibiotics have been added back to all 24/7 stores for $2,500 each. Stock Market/Investments: Added a stock market for all players to invest and purchase shares in various companies throughout Georgia. A few examples of companies include: Georgia Airlines 24/7 Lifeinvander Fulton Customs Atlanta (MARTA) Transit Many more! These companies are looking for people to invest and help the companies grow. Visit the stock exchange in Atlanta (Green house with dollar icon) to login and begin investing today! Rates change periodically so it is important to make sure to keep track of your investments. This will help you decide when to sell your shares or purchase more stock! Matter of fact this could open up for an RP job of Stockbrokers *hint *hint* Eventually, we can look into adding player businesses into the market for players to invest without needing to join the business. Weapon System: A new weapon system has been added! Most weapons now have a safety, press "C" to change the weapon status to "Fire" mode. Holding down the mouse button or controller will no longer result in rapid fire. The player will need to consistently tap the controller trigger or mouse button to fire rapidly. The following weapons will have safety and semi-automatic modes: 'WEAPON_REVOLVER', 'WEAPON_PISTOL', 'WEAPON_PISTOL_MK2', 'WEAPON_COMBATPISTOL', 'WEAPON_PISTOL50', 'WEAPON_SNSPISTOL', 'WEAPON_HEAVYPISTOL', 'WEAPON_VINTAGEPISTOL', 'WEAPON_PUMPSHOTGUN', 'WEAPON_SNSPISTOL_MK2', 'WEAPON_REVOLVER_MK2' The following weapons will have safety, semi-automatic, burst shot, and full auto modes: 'WEAPON_MINISMG', 'WEAPON_SMG', 'WEAPON_SMG_MK2', 'WEAPON_ASSAULTSMG', 'WEAPON_MG', 'WEAPON_COMBATMG', 'WEAPON_COMBATMG_MK2', 'WEAPON_COMBATPDW', 'WEAPON_APPISTOL', 'WEAPON_MACHINEPISTOL', 'WEAPON_ASSAULTRIFLE', 'WEAPON_ASSAULTRIFLE_MK2', 'WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE', 'WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE_MK2', 'WEAPON_ADVANCEDRIFLE', 'WEAPON_SPECIALCARBINE', 'WEAPON_BULLPUPRIFLE', 'WEAPON_COMPACTRIFLE', 'WEAPON_SPECIALCARBINE_MK2', 'WEAPON_BULLPUPRIFLE_MK2', 'WEAPON_PUMPSHOTGUN_MK2' The following weapons will now have their reticle enabled: 'WEAPON_SNIPERRIFLE', 'WEAPON_HEAVYSNIPER', 'WEAPON_HEAVYSNIPER_MK2', 'WEAPON_MARKSMANRIFLE', 'WEAPON_MARKSMANRIFLE_MK2', 'WEAPON_STUNGUN' Weapon reloads are slower to simulate more realism. Disabled the ability to pistol whip another player. When a player takes damage new blood effects have been added! When taking damage a players movement speed will be adjusted and will cause the player to "limp". Added persistent flashlights to flashlight weapon attachments. Press "E" and the flashlight will remain on even if the player is not aiming their weapon. Note: This feature hasn't been tested with more than one player, it could result in poor performance if a lot of players have their flashlight enabled in a general area. However, when the weapon is stored this shouldn't be an issue, please make sure the flashlight is off prior to storing the weapon. Additionally, our policy still stands regarding full automatic, however, we will see how these changes go. A lot of this is still in beta stages.
  17. Good afternoon GRP, On Friday May 1st, 2020 will conclude our Corona Virus pandemic event. The original Flu virus (EvansFluenza) will return to the game in its basic form with a few modifications. Antibiotics will be added back to all Twenty Four Seven stores. No need to visit a hospital and check-in for treatment. However, EMS can administer the Antibiotics or still hospitalize the infected player. Either way through hospitalization or EMS treating the player on scene will cure the virus. It is a more difficult to get EvansFluenza as I've now added an additional modifier. For example, a player may receive a notification ""You let out a loud sneeze, you could be getting ill". This doesn't mean the player WILL get sick, it means a player has shown a potential symptom. After 5-10 minutes the player will receive another notification. This notification will state either the sickness has progressed (its official you're sick!) or that the sneezing has stopped and no more symptoms are occurring (sneezing, coughing, etc). I've also removed the difficulty breathing symptom which froze the player in position. Lastly, players wearing a respirator mask or using "PPE" will provide the player with a 95% chance of not acquiring the virus. Players interacting with infected players while wearing PPE or respirator will continue to have a higher protection rate. However, with each sneeze, and cough from an infected player does result in a chance of contamination. While some players had some reservations regarding the annoyance of the Corona Virus in-game. We do hope that some players enjoyed the event and it brought another level of realism to their enjoyment. Sincerely, J. Evans M. Miller P. Fitz
  18. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update: K9: Fixed an issue when restarting the script the dog would go rogue and attempt to walk his/her owner by stealing the patrol cruiser. Now, the K9s have been retrained and will despawn when the script is restarted. Misc: Players can no longer point "B" key while aiming a weapon. Georgia State Patrol: Introducing GSP badge and Identification card. Troopers and above can acquire their "State Police Badge" out of the armory. Probationary Troopers and Cadets will receive a message stating they must be promoted to "Trooper" before being able to receive a badge. Once on duty and have a State Patrol Badge in inventory press "F6" select "Identification" and choose from the following options: Check your badge - View the badge only for you Show your badge - Shows the badge to other players around you. LEOs who do not have a badge and attempt to show or check their badge will receive a prompt "You do not have a State Police Badge".
  19. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Firescript: Fixed an issue with the following commands not working as intended: /startfirecustom /stopfirecustom /stopallfirescustom Note: This script is still extremely buggy and may require the script to be restarted in order to put out the fire. This script may not remain in our game much longer due to its amount of bugs. Mobile Phone: When dialing 911 on the mobile phone will call the front desk of mission row. This is excellent as dispatchers can interact with the caller ingame and input call notes into the CAD in real-time. Added a telephone for mechanic, players can now call the mechanic shop directly in two ways: Dialing the number directly "225-5632" (CALLMEC) Going into contacts selecting "Mechanic" and selecting "Call mechanic shop". Either one of these options will call mechanic shop, mechanics can walk to the green marker on the workbench to answer the call and speak with the customer. Added an office phone ringtone when a player calls 911 or the mechanic shop. Seatbelt Chime: Adjusted the seatbelt chime ring time from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. This means the seatbelt will ring twice per minute instead of four times per minute. Seatbelt chime for aircraft will not play unless the aircraft is moving 10+ MPH. Tattoo shop: Increased prices of all tattoos, the price now depends on the complexity and ink required to create the tattoo. Increased the price of tattoo removal from $1,000 to $12,000. Fixed an error when the player would load into the game with clothing that covered the tattoo. This resulted in an error and the tattoo not appearing if the player changed clothing which exposed the tattoo. Tattoos will now appear correctly.
  20. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Mobile Phone: Adjusted and added several missing translations. Mechanic Job: Fixed an issue where Mechanics could not run AI repoession missions in an Advanced Flatbed.
  21. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Mobile Phone: Introducing Mobile Phone V3! Mobile phone has received an overhaul look to appearance. App icons look more colorful and realistic. The new mobile phone includes the following apps: Twitter Reddit Wallet System (setting) 9Gag Phone Messages Notes Existing text messages, contacts, and phone logs have been copied over from previous phone. Added new wallpapers and backgrounds! Players can now change ringtones via settings, the following ringtones have been added: Bad Boys (Cops Theme song) Ghostbusters Theme (Who you Gonna Call?) Homemade (Jake Owen) iPhone 11 (Default) Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams) Old Town Road Country Road (John Denver) Rocketman (Elton John) Skywalker Theme (Star Wars) Note: These themes were downloaded from an actual ringtone website copyright infringement is not intended. Additionally, i've turned down the volume on these ringtones to avoid ear bleeds. Changed the Twitter notification sound effect. Added the following phone cover options to choose from settings: Grey Case Pink Case Mint Case Red Case Sky Case No Case Added a notification when the phone rings prompting to press "F2" to answer. Note: Players may experience an all white background and no phone case upon first accessing the phone. This is due to the old phone being stored in your cache, simply select a new phone cover and background to fix this issue. Also, each player will need to sign back into Twitter and turn on notifications to begin receiving tweets.
  22. Should be correct, do not copy the "steam:" part
  23. It is important to note especially for LEOs and Civilians to have their steam ID attached to the CAD. You can find this option under the "Identifier" section and add your steam ID (ID Only do not include the "Steam:") under "API ID". Once your Steam ID has been added this will allow dispatch to track you by providing street information.
  24. The server is queued to apply an update at server restart. Player Housing: Fixed an issue regarding players not being charged rent. Fixed several backend errors. Shops/Stores: Robs Liquor now sells Liquor and alcoholic beverages. (How odd, a liquor store that never sold liquor, surprised this hasn't been reported before? ) Vehicle Shop: Fixed an issue when selling an owned vehicle back to the vehicle shop, the player would not receive the correct amount. Weapon Shop: Added an additional shop marker in all weapon shops. This shop marker has the following purchasable items: Ammo Clip Armor Plating Thermal Vision goggles Reason for this move was it was causing several backend errors upon purchase.
  25. The server will be restarted in a moment to apply an update. Billing: The Fulton County District Court system have expunged all tickets given out by FCSO prior to the merge. Fire/EMS: Added the following fire ranks: Engineer Captain Battalion Chief Asst. Fire Chief Cleaned up the code and removed the following abilities: Drag Put Player inside of vehicle Drag player out of vehicle Assistant Fire Chief and higher can now utilize the job management terminal. Fixed an issue with the new firetruck siren (fireone) from not playing the appropriate fire siren. Georgia State Patrol: Added the following uniforms for Trooper rank and above: Canine GBI GBI Suit GBI Callout Replaced the uniform for polo cadet uniform. Fixed an issue with the long sleeve Probationary Trooper uniform would not display. Added missing translations for the Probationary Trooper Uniform. Removed the Trooper Hat from Probationary Trooper uniforms. Replaced the shoes for all Trooper uniforms (except cadet) to a more professional style. Major rank and higher can now access the job managment terminal. Mechanic Job: Mechanics can no longer use Tow Trucks when performing AI missions. The reason for this change is the server does not consider the vehicle "attached" when using regular Tow Trucks. This prevents mechanics from wasting there time.
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